5th of October 2017

SaafConsult is providing a team leader to ECODIT for an evaluation of the regional water, environment and agriculture sector activities funded by the Middle East Bureau of USAID since 2007. The Middle East Bureau supports regional activities in water and environment to address long-term sustainable access to water in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The work will be implemented by Ele Jan Saaf, together with a highly qualified team of ECODIT and Social Impact, both consultancy firms from the US.

25th of August 2017 

SaafConsult (a CDS-Saaf Global company) has been contracted by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) to follow up the Dutch Risk Reduction (DRR) Team mission early 2016 to the Guelmim area in Morocco. This involves a follow-up mission to introduce “Water Dialogues”. It is believed that these can set a foundation for cooperation and institutionalisation of water governance in the Guelmim area and can serve as an example for the rest of Morocco. SaafConsult is specialised in issues related to water diplomacy and water dialogues and is looking forward to working with RVO and the Ambassade des Pays-Bas in Rabat on this interesting and challenging work.

7th of August 2017 

CDS - Saaf Global v.o.f. has been contracted to design and establish the monitoring, evaluation and learning system of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) of Nepal. The NRA has been established after the devastating earthquakes in Nepal in 2015 to coordinate the reconstruction work on housing, heritage sites, schools and infrastructure. The NRA is supported in this task by the GFA Consulting Group, on behalf of the European Union. Goal is to build a comprehensive, multi-dimensional, multi-tier and multi-stakeholder system to facilitate monitoring, evaluation and learning of the Authority. 


3rd of July 2017

Ele Jan Saaf (SaafConsult) was recruited by UNDP Bangladesh as an Integrated Water Resource Management Specialist to develop a bankable project proposal that addresses the problems of the Halda River ecosystem (Chittagong Hill Tract) and its sustainable management. This work calls upon SaafConsult’ s unique blend of skills and knowledge which combines ecosystem valuation techniques with environmental flow theory and the realities of social and economic development in Bangladesh.

26th of June 2017 

SaafConsult (a CDS-Saaf Global company) is currently bidding for a large number of projects in South Asia, South-east Asia and the Middle East. We have stepped up our momentum to grow the company and to increase our workforce. The main focus of our growth strategy at present is water management, agriculture and monitoring and evaluation. We are keen to get in touch with mid-career and senior experts that would like to work in a challenging and agile environment in which each can shape his or her own working environment within the framework of our innovative and enabling setting. Our approach focusses on working with local and regional companies, in which clear guidelines allow all to operate effectively.


26th of May 2017

Since March 2017, CDS-Saaf Global (SaafConsult's and Center for Development Services' joint venture) is involved in The Support to Local Governance Programme in Pakistan, implemented by GIZ. We provide assistance in the wrap-up of the two finalised programmes and with the start-up of the new programme in the fields of reporting, monitoring and evaluation. Main services included providing technical M&E support, advisory services for the establishment of baselines, setting-up a joint evaluation mission for the two ending programmes and organise data collection and writing of the final report. 


12th of May 2017

Ele Jan Saaf will be presenting a paper on water security and the Indus Waters Treaty at the Expert Technical Workshop, ‘Comparative Models of Water Diplomacy,’ organized by MEDRC Water Research in cooperation with the Geneva Water Hub in May 2017. This workshop will take place in Lutry on Lac Leman. The presentation will reflect on the choices made during the negotiations for the Indus Waters Treaty using the water security paradigm. Ele Jan will also draw on work from various authors that have published on the treaty, and the work done for the African Development Bank on their IWRM policy.


22nd of April 2017

While most of the field work for the LACIP project has been completed by the joint NEC&SaafConsult M&E Team, we are entering a period of wrapping up and reporting for the Client.

Livelihood Support & Promotion of Small Community Infrastructure Project (LACIP) has been implemented by the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) with financial support of the German Development Bank (KfW). Intervention areas of LACIP are: Community Physical Infrastructure, Health & Education, Livelihood Enhancement & Protection, Disaster Management & Preparedness and Institutional Development.


12th of April 2017 


SaafConsult was in the field in Bangladesh to do the Mid-Term Review of an IWRM Project funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation and implemented by the Swiss Red Cross together with their partner DASCOH. The project has successfully pioneered integrated approaches to water management in rural Rajshahi, and has also developed guidelines and bye-laws for the Bangladesh Water Act 2013. The work was implemented by Ele Jan Saaf, Marielouise Slettenhaar-Ket and Khondokher Shakhawat Ali.


1st of April 2017 

SaafConsult, together with NEC Consultants and dev-consult, is in the process of finalising the Project Preparatory Technical Assistance (PPTA) for an investment programme for urban infrastructure in intermediary cities in Punjab, Pakistan, The Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Programme (PICIIP), funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), has been a challenging and rewarding first project for the ADB by SaafConsult, and has cemented our relationship with our partners in Pakistan. This project is also part of SaafConsult’s strategy to implement more urban development work in South and South-East Asia.


28th of February 2017

CSG (SaafConsult's and CDS's joint venture) has finalised the final project evaluation of the project “Sustainable fisheries management for improved livelihoods of the coastal fishing community in Tyre, Lebanon”, which has been funded by The Drosos Foundation (based in Switzerland) and implemented by The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and The Association for the Development of Rural Capacities( ADR). The work build on and continued our strong relationship with IUCN and the other partners involved.


1st of September 2016


The costal fisherman and their families of Tyre are among the poorest groups in Southern Lebanon. There is a need to assist the community and the members of the Tyre Fishing Syndicate (almost 400 families, 2000 persons) to jointly improve their livelihoods through sustainable fisheries management, better processing and supplementary income generation. Therefore, since 2013 The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Association for the Development of Rural Capacities (a Lebanese NGO) implements project "Sustainable fisheries management for improved livelihoods of the coastal fishing community in Tyre". SaafConsult BV has been contracted by Drosos Foundation, project's donor, to design, plan and conduct the final evaluation of this four-year project.



25th of August 2016


Asian Development Bank provides technical assistance to the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan for Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Programme. SaafConsult, jointly with its consortium partners from Pakistan - Dev-Consult and NEC Consultants, has been contracted by the ADB for consulting services to the Programme. This includes studies and assessment reports supports strategic planning and investments in two major cities in Punjab, Sahival and Sialkot.



9th of August 2016


SaafConsult has been contracted by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to do an evaluation of the Middle Eastern Desalination Research Center (MEDRC) in Muscat, Oman and to assist the embassy with the formulation of a Dutch-Omani cooperation programme centred around water issues.



7th of January 2016


SaafConsult, a Dutch company with a branch office in Amman, Jordan, is looking for a senior partner and/or managing director. The new colleague would work as consultant for approximately 60% of his/her time and would also be responsible for management of the operations of the company plus the usual fair share of acquisition. The new colleague would be invited to buy shares in SC after a year of cooperation and mutual agreement between the current partners and the new colleague. In terms of technical expertise we are looking for someone who has relevant experience in water resources management or water supply and sanitation (minimum 10 years). He/she should also be able to operate very independently, have a strong entrepreneurial interest and bring in a substantial network and track record. He/she should be comfortable working in Dutch as well as English (additionally French or Arabic would be good). The position is a risk-sharing position in the sense that salary/remuneration is to a large extent a function of turn-over of the new colleague. Finally the new partner should be committed to engaging for a longer period of time as the benefits of the partnership would accrue after a few years. The partner would ideally be based in The Netherlands but other countries in the MENA region could be considered. Please send expressions of interest and CVs to [email protected]



28th of December 2015


SaafConsult is pleased to welcome Ruby Assad as part of its team in Amman. Ruby is a gender expert and a socio-economist with more than 20 years of experience working in the Middle East.



23th of December


SaafConsult is providing the team leader and water conservation expert for the assignment: "Institutional Support to the Water Sector for the Creation of National Communication Plan and Strategy" in Egypt.



11th of December


SaafConsult has been commissioned by Simavi to carry out a quick-scan evaluation of a project that they are implementing with partners in South-Western Bangladesh.



21st of November


Ele Jan Saaf has been selected to be part of a scoping mission on water management, flood control, irrigation and disaster mitigation in Pakistan as part of the Dutch DRR team.


21st of October


SaafConsult has been asked by the NGO Simavi to continue assisting them with the implementation of projects for the Water Operators Partnership between Vitens-Evides and Dhaka WASA.




21st of September


SaafConsult has been asked by Egis Eau, to work on a project in Jordan funded by Agence Française de Development ( French Development Agency). The project ‘Enhancing sustainable groundwater management in an arid area by the application of real-time and high temporal monitoring schemes for AWSA well field in Al Azraq’ started this month. Our consultant, Dr. Samir Hijazin, an experienced Jordanian hydro-geology specialist will provide the team with his expertise in the field of groundwater in Al Azraq area.



19th of August


SaafConsult was selected by the Dutch NGO SIMAVI to develop the Post 2015 Strategic Plan for the Bangladesh WASH Alliance (supported by the Dutch WASH Alliance). Our consultant (Ele Jan) shall explore the strength and weaknesses of the existing Alliance and propose (in close cooperation with the members of the Alliance and other stakeholders) an Alliance 2.0 that is future proof. He shall be assisted by Sabrina Doetjes for this assignment.


20th of July 2014


Our consultants started the fieldwork for the Final Evaluation mission of the Integrated Emergency Support to Populations Affected by the Syria Crisis in Jordan and Lebanon. The activities of the project we are evaluating were implementing interventions in Non Food Items for winterization as well as WASH activities in both countries.



30th of March 2014


SaafConsult has won the bid for the preparation of the Integrated Water Resources Management Policy of the Africa Development Bank (AfDB).

Furthermore, SaafConsult has won the evaluation of the SEARCH programme of IUCN in the MENA region;

Last but not least, SaafConsult is working with Terra Sola Jordan for Renewable Energy to develop a full proposal for a 50MW solar power plant in Mafraq, Jordan.



27th of March



SaafConsult B.V. 



20 February


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20 February


This year started very well with many new assignments! 

We started this year to work on the following projects:


Turkey: Support the Project Cycle Management training for emerging development cooperation providers in Turkey (UNDP)


Jordan: Nature Driven Tourism Assessment (USAID, SaafConsult is working together with Al Jidara)


Ethiopia: Final Performance Evaluation of Water Hygiene Sanitation Transformation for Enhanced Resiliency in Ethiopia



Jordan: Enhancing Sustainable Groundwater Management In An Arid Area By The Application Of Temporal Monitoring

Schemes (Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan - together with Egis Eau and Image Eau)


Egypt: Study on the water-energy-food Security nexus in Egypt (GiZ - SaafConsult works together with NSCE and Euroconsult

Mott McDonald)


For more information on these projects and our role, please check the 'Middle East and Africa' page on our website. 



6th of January 2014


Today we learned that we have won the project, "Enhancing Sustainable Groundwater Management In An Arid Area By The Application Of Real-Time And High Temporal Monitoring Schemes (AWSA Well Field In Azraq)". This is a very technical project for which we will work with Dr. Samir El Hijazin, one of the foremost Jordanian hydrogeologists in Jordan. The main partners for this work are EGIS Eau and Image Eau.



Please find our latest newsletter below!




December 2013


Loay Hidmi, SaafConsult Water and Sanitation Director, was retained to work as a Short term Environmental Engineer on the USAID Community Engagement Project.  The project is implemented by Global Communities (formerly Cooperative Housing Foundation, CHF), along with the local Sub-Grant recipient, Al Jidara. 


The program focuses on building the capacity of NGOs and citizens to identify stressors in communities, particularly those affecting community cohesion, and to increase the efforts of citizens and NGOs to engage with government to jointly develop and implement solutions to address those challenges. The program is comprised of three primary components: 1) Expand NGO, community organization, professional association and government efforts to build resilience and address cohesion-related challenges; 2) Increase civil society-government-private sector cooperation in building resilience and addressing cohesion-related challenges; and 3) Strengthen skills and build other capacity relevant to community and national cohesion.



Loay Hidmi is tasked to:


  • Prepare a report clearly describing and detailing USAID environmental requirements for projects, with particular emphasis on the types of projects USAID CEP will most likely implement, such as the following: rehabilitation of building structures, including schools; new building construction; repair of roads and sidewalks; re-paving existing paved roads; paving dirt roads; building new roads; building pedestrian bridges; solid waste clean-up campaigns; construction of parks and football fields; etc. The report should also identify any additional GOJ environmental requirements that are not covered by USAID requirements – stating these separately.

  • Train select staff on environmental requirements. 

  • Conduct environmental assessments, including completing the environmental checklist, for 7 municipality project proposals and 9 CET project proposals. 

  • Provide training to NGOs awarded grants during the second round of NGO grants. 

  • Prepare of Environmental Manuel and final Environmental impact check list.



December 2013


SaafConsult has been awarded a short assignment by UNDP to provide a resource person for capacity building activities for emerging development cooperation providers in Europe and CIS. Short missions to Vienna and Prague and home-based worked will be implemented by Ele Jan.



December 2013


Today we received the news that SaafConsult has won the bid for the Final Performance Evaluation of Water Hygiene Sanitation Transformation for Enhanced Resiliency in Ethiopia. This project is funded by USAID.



November 2013


After our consultancy assignment in preparing the EOI for ‘Investment opportunities in renewable energy in Jordan’ for Terra Sola Jordan for Renewable Energy (TSJ), SaafConsult B.V. signed a special services agreement with Shamsuna Ventures W.L.L, the mother company of TSJ. SaafConsult will provide services on demand for them.


TSJ and Shamsuna Ventures are part of the Terra Nex group. This group provides project management services to Institutional European Investors by developing renewable energy projects in the Middle East for direct investments. Terra Nex is specialized in developing and financing Solar Power Projects in the MENA-region. It maintains solid partnerships with institutional investors in Europe and industries in the renewable energy sectors. Strong local networks to key decision makers are leveraged to identify and design attractive renewable energy projects in the MENA-region.



November 2013


We are happy to announce that we are now active in the U.S. federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM). The System for Award Management (SAM) is the Official U.S. Government system that consolidated the capabilities of CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS. Users of SAM include contracting officials, grant-makers, contractors, and the public.



October 2013


SaafConsult has been asked by Dorsch International Consultants GmbH to provide support for the development of Terms of Reference for a Micro Private Sector Participation Project for the Water Authority of Zarqa.



October 2013


Today SaafConsult signed a contract with HTSPE of the UK to contribute to the design of a regional civil society strategy and fund for the South Asia Water Governance Programme (SAWGP) - this work is funded by DFID.



October 2013


Today, the second of October 2013, SaafConsult signed a contract with the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies for a financial cost/benefit analysis of a pioneering grey water reuse system piloted in the West Bank, Israel and Jordan.



September 2013


SaafConsult will make available one of its consultants for the position of Local Water Sector Restructuring and Development Expert for the Final Evaluation of the Institutional Support and Strengthening Program (ISSP) in Jordan. This work will be funded by USAID and is implemented by Mendez England & Associates.



August 2013



SaafConsult has been recruited by an International Wealth Management and Project Development Company to assist them with the realisation of their ambitions to enter into the renewable energy sector in a selected country in the Middle East. For this work SaafConsult will rely on its growing expertise in the renewable energy field and the energy/water nexus.




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July 2013



Our project 'Strengthening Synergies between governance of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation in Jordan with a view to reduce poverty' with IUCN and UNDP got extended. We perform and assess linkages between climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in Jordan in order to develop recommendations and a project proposal of such linkages to increase natural and human resilience at the national and local level. The next workshop for the project will be held the 7th of July in Petra.



May 2013



We now signed the contract with the FAO and the EU to provide a water management expert for the development of a water governance plan for Swaziland. This assignment will be implemented by Ele Jan Saaf in June. 


We also signed a contract with GIZ to execute a study to develop options for the Water Authority of Jordan’s institutional restructuring in the Southern Governorates (Kerak, Ma’an and Tafileh), incl. recommendations for improved participation/ communication in the decision-making/implementation process. Our new partner in the company Dr. Loay Hidmi will lead this project.



May  2013


Marie Körner is the Lead Evaluator for the evaluation of two projects in the sectors: Soil Erosion, Forestry, Plant Production and WASH: Anti-erosion Measures around Lake Awassa, Ethiopia, October 2008- November 2010 and Sustainable Management of Soil, Forest and Water Resources as a Pilot Model for Community Development in Southern Ethiopia, September 2010 – December 2012.


The first project was implemented by the Czech NGO People in Need in Awassa Zuryia District, the second one by the MENDEL University in Awassa Zuryia and Alaba Districts of Ethiopia’s Southern Region.  The principal purpose of this evaluation was to obtain information that will guide decision-making on upcoming interventions of Czech development cooperation (CZDC) in Ethiopia (one of the program countries) in the sectors Soil and Water Conservation and WASH. 


Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic


April  2013


We have been asked by the FAO and the EU to provide a water management expert for the development of a water governance plan for Swaziland. This assignment will be implemented by Ele Jan in June and August.



April  2013


Read the first newsletter of SaafConsult this year and check out our latest news about projects, developments, new opportunities and the CarboWet Foundation!




March  2013


SaafConsult, through its investment vehicle, the RENEW Fund, is working together with iGreens from Jordan and a large international company to develop a 100 KW solar power project in Jordan. This project is the first step in a series of modular systems that will be added over time. The power plant will be located in the Eastern Desert of Jordan and will most likely be a conventional PV plant. The consortium intends to submit a request to the PSI funding modality of the Dutch government to co-finance the project.




March  2013


The CarboWet Foundation is a Dutch foundation (NGO) and has been established in close cooperation with SaafConsult. The main aim of the work of CarboWet is to develop a methodology to assess storage (sequestration) of greenhouse gases in Wetlands. Once this methodology has been developed CarboWet will act as a broker to sell the credits generated, and to ensure that the monies flow back to conservation/rehabilitation of the wetlands.



We have invested in CarboWet through our RENEW Fund. The main interest of SaafConsult in CarboWet is the ecosystem valuation function of certified carbon trading. We strongly believe that an economic allocation of water resources can greatly enhance water use efficiency in water scarce regions. One ramification of this is the valuation of ecosystem services provided by wetlands.


Friends of the Earth Middle East, together with the CarboWet Foundation will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 23 March 2013 in the Sharhabil bin Hassneh Ecopark. The ceremony will start at 11 AM. The MoU details the cooperation between the two organisations to offer carbon offsetting in the Sharhabil bin Hassneh Eco Park in the Jordan Valley. The CW/FoEME Carbon Offsetting Mechanism (CW/FoEME.COM) is available for public and private organisations from all countries.The first company that will donate funds to the mechanisms to offset its carbon emissions will be SaafConsult B.V. Funds will be used for afforestation and reforestation as well as broader watershed protection. This is a UNIQUE opportunity for organisations that take carbon offset seriously.



February  2013


The registration of SaafConsult Levant office is official. The branch office of SaafConsult based in Amman, is now formally approved by the Jordanian authorities and will ensure a continuous presence in the Middle East/North Africa region and to cater to customer requests.


February  2013


SaafConsult was asked to provide an IWRM expert for the ex-ante evaluation of the Ghana Netherlands Water Programme. The work will take place in March in Ghana and home based.



January  2013


SaafConsult signed a contract with the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies to provide an Early Stage Researcher for the transboundary water management grant of the Marie Curie Fund of the European Union. The topic of the research is "Development of a Forum for Transboundary Water Management of the Jordan River". 




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December  2012


SaafConsult has been informed that for the assignment, "CONSULTANT MISSION WATER SUPPLY AND SANITATION SECTOR SCAN PAKISTAN" the Netherlands Embassy in Pakistan has selected Ele Jan Saaf as principal consultant.



November  2012


SaafConsult won an assignment to assess the extent to which MEDRC’s (Mediterranean Desalination Research Institute) educational and research activities have successfully contributed to the Middle East Peace Process and the advancement of desalination technology in the region.





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September  2012


SaafConsult won projects in Tunis, Jordan and Tajikistan. In Tunis, SaafConsult won the AfDB project “Water and Sanitation Project Evaluations’ Review and Synthesis”. In Jordan, in cooperation with HTSPE, we have signed a contract with the EC to evaluate “The Programme Management Unit (PMU) of the Greater Amman Water Sector Improvement Programme”, and in Tajikistan we provided an expert for the SDC funded “Drinking Water Tariff Research and Development of the Tajikistan Water Supply and Sanitation Project”, implemented by Oxfam GB.



September  2012


SaafConsult won projects in Tunis, Jordan and Tajikistan. In Tunis, SaafConsult won the AfDB project “Water and Sanitation Project Evaluations’ Review and Synthesis”. In Jordan, in cooperation with HTSPE, we have signed a contract with the EC to evaluate “The Programme Management Unit (PMU) of the Greater Amman Water Sector Improvement Programme”, and in Tajikistan we provided an expert for the SDC funded “Drinking Water Tariff Research and Development of the Tajikistan Water Supply and Sanitation Project”, implemented by Oxfam GB.